Interesting Housing News Links (February 6, 2009)

* Lenders push to foreclose on Village Homes houses (Pacific Business News)

* Commentary: For A Few Dollars Less… (WOSU)

* Weyerhaeuser 4Q loss balloons to $1.2B (Mike Obel)

* Lawsuit: Deadlock in ownership group led to office foreclosure (Pacific Business News)

* Real estate fraud artist gets 52 months in federal prison (Steve Patterson, Florida Times-Union)

* January home sales totals may indicate volume bottom near (Portsmouth Herald)

* Rifle prison closing a lose-lose plan (Daily Sentinel)

* M/I Homes stock sinks 26% (Mike Pramik, Columbus Dispatch)

* Heads up: Rates rise for fixed-rate mortgages (Kansas City Star)

* Isle commercial realty sales expected to fall 33% in ’09 (Kristen Consillio, Honolulu Star-Bulletin)


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