Interesting Housing News Links (March 06, 2009)

* More mortgages in turmoil

* Report: 11% of Georgia mortgages delinquent in Q4 (Silicon Vly Business Journal)

* Foreclosure crisis is spreading (J.W. Elphinstone-)

* Troubled economy worsens housing dilemma (J.W. Elphinstone-)

* Dow slide puts blue-chip firms in black hole

* NY WORST IN HOME $ICKNESS (Carl Campanile, New York Post)

* Crime no barrier for loan sellers (Eric Nalder, Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

* Budget May Revive Big Tax Break (Michael Corkery, Wall Street Journal)

* Florida insurance regulators grapple with hurricane coverage (Atlanta Business Chronicle)

* Record 5.4 mil homeowners in ’08 in foreclosure, late on bills (J.W. Elphinstone-)


One response to “Interesting Housing News Links (March 06, 2009)

  1. If there are as many home foreclosures in 2009 as there was in 2008, this country will really be in trouble.

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