Interesting Housing News Links (March 07, 2009)

* Mortgage lending increasing at slowest rate in 23 years (The Irish Independent)

* Homeowner worries about asbestos ducts (Barry Stone, Daily Oklahoman)

* 0% rates beckon on mortgages and savings (Sharlene Goff, The Financial Times)

* SEC Moves to Stop Fraud in Real Estate, Mortgage Lending Ventures (John Henry, Arkansas Business)

* Delinquent Mortgages Hit Record Level (Amy Hoak, Wall Street Journal)

* UK stake in Lloyds set to hit 70pc (Telegraph)

* Foreclosures open door for scammers (Seattle Times)

* Homeowner deductions could be at risk (Kenneth R. Harney, Seattle Times)

* Roseville City district sees spike in enrollment (Walter Yost, Sacramento Bee)

* Learn to avoid the blues when growing blueberries (Sentinel)


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