Interesting Housing News Links (March 15, 2009)

* Watchdog to curb risky mortgages (Phillip Inman, Guardian Unlimited)

City watchdog the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is preparing a clampdown on risky mortgage lending by placing limits on the size of the loans offered to British homebuyers in a hard-hitting review of banking rules due this week.

* WSJ Looks at Arkansas Poultry Producers Facing Foreclosure (Lance Turner, Arkansas Business)

Like many Americans, Darris and Sarah Dixon are struggling with mortgage payments and trying to avoid bankruptcy.

* Bolivar Protests Texas Windstorm Insurance (KPRC)

HOUSTON — Six months after Hurricane Ike hit, homeowners from Bolivar to San Leon to Galveston marked the day with an unusual protest.

* Landfills report up to 30% decline (Seattle Times)

In 2007, according to the EPA, Americans produced 254.1 million tons of household trash. Of that, by weight:

* The Pressure to feel Defeated (The Ledger)

Try to explain how perfectly ordinary it was to see the new Target Superstore at the Rolling Oaks Common shopping plaza in Four Corners have its grand opening on March 8 – and draw in a strong crowd?

* Would Corzine budget smack middle class? (Jonathan Tamari, Philadelphia Inquirer)

From his decisions on who would keep their property-tax rebates all the way down to the call on which drinks to tax – wine, for example, but not beer – Gov. Corzine and his aides have said his new budget makes tough choices, but protects the typical New Jerseyan.

* NH foreclosure victims may still face trouble (Shawne K. Wickham, Union-Leader)

If you’re one of the thousands of New Hampshire homeowners who are behind in their mortgages, you might think that letting the bank foreclose and walking away from your home will end your troubles.

* Gillette man sentenced for letters (Billings Gazette)

CHEYENNE – A Gillette man has been sentenced to two years and three months in prison for threatening a federal judge, the Internal Revenue Service and others over the seizure of his home.

* Inverness rivals differ on role of village president (Eric Peterson, Daily Herald)

Pursuing a fourth term, Inverness Village President Jack Tatooles sees himself steering a ship still on course.

* U.S. foreclosures up 30% in February (Alan Zibel-)

WASHINGTON Despite halts on new foreclosures by several major lenders, the number of households threatened with losing their homes rose 30 percent from last years levels, RealtyTrac reported Thursday.


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