Interesting Housing News Links (March 16, 2009)

* Survey: Jobless worries triple (San Antonio Business Journal)

A new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey finds worries about unemployment have almost tripled during the past year.

* Rhode Island tops nation in mortgage fraud (Providence Journal)

Rhode Island has displaced Florida as the state leading the nation in mortgage fraud, according to a report made public this afternoon by the Mortgage Asset Research Institute.

* Survey: Unemployment worries have tripled in past year (Business Journal Charlotte)

A new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey finds worries about unemployment have nearly tripled over the past year.

* Police, DA continue investigation into Mun’s death (Bethany Bray, Andover Townsman)

Police continue to investigate the death of Elizabeth Mun, a 16-year-old who left a gathering at an Andover home Sunday, Feb. 15 and was found by police unresponsive in a nearby pond more than five hours later.

* Mortgage fraud at an all-time high (Catherine Clifford, Money)

NEW YORK ( — The number of reported incidents of mortgage fraud has reached an all-time high even as the number of home loans being issued has shrunk, according to a report released Monday.

* Business failures to jump to 36000 (Amy Wilson, Telegraph)

And the level of failures, up from 22,600 in 2008, is expected to worses in 2010, as the harshest effects of the recession filter through, according to accountancy firm BDO Stoy Hayward. Business failures will rise to 39,000 next year, the report shows.

* Millstone homebuilder charged with writing bad checks (Michelle Sahn, Gannett News Service)

MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP State Police have charged a local luxury homebuilder with writing more than $150,000 in bad checks to two people who invested in his company.


More than 200 people suffered surprise layoffs from Brooklyn’s Brookdale Hospital today, sparking fears that the medical facility is on life support and could be closing soon.

* Marion County property tax bills delayed (Brendan O”Shaughnessy, Indianapolis Star)

Marion County officials have cleared another hurdle in preparing final 2007 property tax bills but have pushed back by a few more months when those bills will go out.

* Dont file away tax problems for later (Green Bay Press-Gazette)

You’ve lost your job and your mortgage company is threatening foreclosure. Then, when it seems that things can’t get any worse, the tax man comes calling. What’s a person to do?


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