Interesting Housing News Links (March 23, 2009)

* First-degree murder trial set this week (Natalie Neysa Alund, Bradenton Herald)

BRADENTON In the early morning hours of June 1, 2007, three masked men dressed in black kicked in the door of a Bradenton home in the 1300 block of 17th Street Court East.

* February figures set to fuel fears over UK deflation (Times Online)

Fears that Britain will slide into the grip of economically destructive Japanese-style deflation will mount tomorrow as inflation gauged by the retail prices index (RPI) is set to turn negative for the first time in almost half a century.

* Housing collapse ignites a chain reaction (Periscope)

Brandon Robertson didn’t expect things to turn out this way when he started riding Atlanta’s housing boom 18 years ago.

* George Will: Immigration policy has been hijacked (Gatehouse Media, State Journal-Register)

PHOENIX Police Chief Jack Harris, a solid block of a man with a shock of thick gray hair, is stolid and patient but there are limits.

* As bankruptcy filings mount, attention turns again to reform (USA Today)

Cash-strapped families are seeking bankruptcy protection at nearly the same rate and in the same manner as they did before the much-debated 2005 bankruptcy law reform, a trend critics say proves the reform was a failure.

* When Craigslist attacks! (Helen A.S. Popkin, Newsweek)

Cops finally busted the culprits behind yet another Craigslist-instigated ransacking of a Pacific Northwest domicile. And in some kind of completely unpredictable Law & Order plot twist, neither allegedly-guilty party turned out to be Craigslist itself. Who saw that coming?

* Bart Cannon: The difference between recession and depression (Cleburne Times-Review)

Every day we hear a fresh batch of bad news regarding the economic crisis. Our confidence in the financial markets plummets with new revelations about layoffs, sell-offs, and made-offsas in the guy who made off with billions of innocent peoples retirement money.

* New team monitors flood-prone areas (Paul Dalby, The Northumberland News)

It was the kind of “dress rehearsal” that no one really wanted to see, as warm temperatures and torrential rain triggered a premature spring thaw and flooding last week.

* Yao case set pace for fiscal scandals (News Journal)

Years before anyone uttered the phase “mortgage meltdown” or heard of rogue financier Bernard Madoff, there was Andrew N. Yao.

* Economic freefall more frightening with each passing day (Greater Media Papers)

We are living in the worst financial times since the Great Depression; the big picture is becoming more frightening with each passing day, as the downward financial spiral continues. Even more frightening is the fact that no one knows what to do in order to stop the freefall, and nobody knows when it will end. If the downward financial spiral continues any further, we may fall through the safet…


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