Interesting Housing News Links (March 26, 2009)

* DA’s Office Seeking More Victims in Foreclosure Scam (H. Hughes, KNSD)

The San Diego District Attorney’s office is looking for more victims of the widespread foreclosure scam.

* How the housing bubble has hurt Baby Boomers (Jonathan Sweet, Professional Builder)

As senior editor of Professional Remodeler, a lot of information crosses my desk. This blog will be a chance to share some of that with you, with an immediacy not possible with a monthly magazine. It’s also your chance to tell me what you think about what I have to say. Whether you agree or disagree, I hope you won’t be shy. Post here, write me at or you can also…

* Diversions and Disillusions reign as AIG saga unfolds (Sitafa Harden, Digital Journal)

In the court of public opinion Wall Street and all the banking institutions who dealt in questionable investments have been found guilty.

* Tougher penalties aimed at appraisal fraud (Margaret Jackson, Denver Post)

state bill that increases the penalties for violating real estate appraisal laws has cleared the House and awaits Senate action.

* Economy’s deterioration might be slowing (Annys Sh, Baltimore Sun)

After several months of relentlessly grim economic news, analysts have been looking for any indication that the pace of the economy’s deterioration is slowing. Recently, they have had at least some reason to hope.

* Total Jobless Claims Top 5 Million (Brian Blackstone, Wall Street Journal)

New U.S. claims for state unemployment benefits unexpectedly jumped last week to a 26-year high while total claims cracked the five million mark for the first time ever, the latest evidence that the already severe recession is deepening as it extends into its second year.

* February price uptick eases deflation risk (Martin Crutsinger, Denver Post)

Consumer prices rose in February by the largest amount in seven months as gasoline prices surged again and clothing costs jumped the most in nearly two decades.

* If Stocks Are in Turmoil, Blame the Feds (Declan Mc Cullagh, CBS News)

If Stocks Are in Turmoil, Blame the Feds Investors Fear “Regime Uncertainty,” Writes Declan McCullagh

* Harry Gross: Tax filer can sue bank for goof, but is it worth it? (Harry Gross, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Dear Harry: Back in 2006, we cashed several EE bonds at our bank so we could purchase a new home. Early in 2007, we received a 1099 from the bank, but the EE bond interest was not included. I then reported this interest as a capital gain on our 2006 tax return since the gain was on the “sale” of the bonds. In 2008, that tax return was audited by IRS and an additional tax was assessed plus inter…

* Park West Village Resident Files Suit Against NYC Department of Buildings (Lydia Wileden, Columbia Daily Spectator)

After vocally opposing the continued construction of Columbus Villagea commercial and residential development being built amid the affordable housing complex, Park West VillagePWV resident Paul Bunten filed a lawsuit Friday that would force the developer to comply with land regulations.


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