Interesting Housing News Links (March 31, 2009)

News > Crying Kelo > Property rights revolt blurs the lines between the use and abuse of eminent domain.” alt=”Local Stories > News > Crying Kelo > Property rights revolt blurs the lines between the use and abuse of eminent domain.”/>

Essentially much of the current crisis with American banks and mortgage companies can be attributed to the deregulation mania of the current administration. It is true that deregulation began to some extent within the Clinton administration but it rapidly escalated after that.

Homebuilder Lennar Corp. said Monday it’s fiscal first-quarter losses ballooned 77 percent as it booked charges to adjust land and inventory values, while home deliveries and new orders plunged despite stepped-up buyer incentives.Chief Executive Stuart Miller said the company, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, continued to face negative housing market and economic trends during t…

Recently, the Bush administration nationalized the two major mortgage giants. Yes, you read that rightnationalized. Very strange for a Republican administration since this is nothing less than a form of state socialism which Republicans are supposedly adamantly against.

While City Council Speaker Christine Quinn may have been speaking in jest when she said during her State of the City address that if we dont do something soon, public toilets … may well be the only new housing available to the average working family, the implication was quite clearthe state of city housing has reached a critical point.

In a harbinger of future land-use battles in California, Yolo Countys attempt to use eminent domain to preserve the rural nature of the Conaway Ranch, a 17,000-acre swath of farmland, flood plain and wilderness area situated between Woodland, West Sacramento and Davis, has property-rights activists and a group of Sacramento developers crying Kelo.

Eight years ago, when Lynn Bye stood outside this house in Bridge Lane, Ilkley, she told her sister-in-law: Its horrid, but beggars cant be choosers.


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