Interesting Housing News Links (April 02, 2009)

* Home Prices Low, But Still No Bargain (Brett Arends, Barron’s)

Homeowners are watching anxiously for any signs of housing market stabilization. So, too, are all those who believe the market may hold the key to the economy.

* UK mortgage lending at �1200bn ‘unmanageable’ claims Cap Gemini banking report (Philip Aldrick, The Daily Telegraph)

According to the annual world retail banking report from Cap Gemini, Unicredit and EFMA, mortgage lending has “exceeded reasonable limits” with the volume of debt running at 86pc of GDP or about �1,200bn. The report recommended 60pc as a sustainable upper level.

* Plan to Let Judges Alter Loans Stalls (Elizabeth Williamson, Wall Street Journal)

Opposition from the banking industry and moderate senators of both parties has stalled a proposal to let judges modify mortgage terms in bankruptcy court.

* Attorney General: Health issues a top complaint in NC (Clay Barbour, Hickory Daily Record)

For the fifth year in a row, health care topped the state’s hit-list for complaints filed with the N.C. attorney general.

* Three burglaries occur over weekend (Jon Johnson, Eastern Arizona Courier)

Robbery crimes in Safford continue to occur, and three new burglaries were reported over the weekend.

* Monica Yant Kinney: The human face on a toxic asset (Monica Yant Kinney, Philadelphia Inquirer)

The heavily accented woman on the phone was panicky. She’d been trying to reach a Cherry Hill company called Hope Now Modifications.

* Building permits level off (Joan Davis, Daily Star)

New construction permits for single-family residences filed in the Tangipahoa Parish Permit Office have leveled off to about 50 per month, back to pre-Katrina numbers.

* Unusual Tangi catfish on display at Bass Pro Shop (John Lenz, Daily Star)

The new Bass Pro Shop in Denham Springs is the new home of a most unusual catfish caught recently by Amite resident Damon Ellzey.

* Condos may be complete by summer (Joan Davis, Daily Star)

Passersby are noticing the new development going up at the intersection of South Range Road and Minnesota Park, across the road from Ryans Deli.

* Housing market healthy in parish (Joan Davis, Daily Star)

Tangipahoa Parish banks have money to lend potential homebuyers, and with more inventory and values slightly down, now is a good time to buy.


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