Interesting Housing News Links (April 05, 2009)

* Foreclosures’ human toll: Families fight to avoid losing homes (Jim Wasserman, Sacramento Bee)

After 46 years in one family, the little house in Tahoe Park has its own culture. Brothers, sisters and friends come in the back, and the front doorbell always means strangers.

* ‘Huffing,’ ‘puffing’ over pro-union changes (Edward M. Gilbreth, Post & Courier)

On the preservation front, I read with interest about the various conservation groups and how much land was either placed in easement last year or otherwise acquired as part of the greenbelt.

* Biz Bits: USPS hopes Simpsons stamp makes some doh (Gatehouse Media, Sussex Countian)

The U.S. Postal Service announced this week that it will be issuing The Simpsons stamps. The USPS produces about 20 special stamps per year, and its hoping to cash in on the popularity of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in late March, Postmaster General John Potter testified before Congress about the services financial woes. The Simpsons stamps will be available for viewing April 9 …

* Windstorm insurance bill could be devastating (Mike Reddell, The Tribune)

Bay City chamber president Mitch Thames says a proposed windstorm insurance bill before the Texas legislature would be devastating for Matagorda County and the rest of the Texas coast.

* THE BEER NUT: Affordable choices for recession-minded craft beer lovers (Art Illman, Journal-Standard)

The economy is in disarray and the cash in people’s wallets seems to be disappearing faster and faster.

* A Homeowner Who Wouldn’t Sell, Part II (Steve Hartman, CBS News)

Homeowner Who Wouldn’t Sell, Part II A Stubborn Octogenarian Refused A Developer’s Offer … But That Wasn’t The End Of Her Story

* Nick was the greatest (Lee Juillerat, Herald & News)

Klamath Falls is a relatively cheap place to live, but with recent increases in basic goods, it is getting harder and harder to get by. Gas has risen to record prices, most food has followed suit and home prices in our relatively steady housing industry are starting to show the effects of the nationwide housing crunch. Adding all of these factors along with no cost of living adjustments, and mo…

* Humane Society overcoming hurdles (Tom Munds, Colorado Community Newspapers)

Despite a rise in the animals received at the shelter and a dramatic drop in donations, the Colorado Humane Society continues providing a full range of services for clients.

* Artists at Saxonville Studios open their work spaces (Chris Bergeron, Daily News Transcript)

For her first springtime open studio, Ruthie Neuman Helwig wants to show you some of the most sensual nudes in Saxonville.

* Tips for Spring Selling Season (June Fletcher, Wall Street Journal)

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in my hometown of Washington, D.C., marking the beginning of the spring home selling season.


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