Interesting Housing News Links (April 06, 2009)

* SHORT SALE in a nutshell (Cynthia Sells, Summit Daily News)

* ‘We Will Find You’: Feds on Housing Scams (Matt Jaffe, ABC News)

* Dad says James Duncan is a crook (Leslie Berkman, Press-Enterprise)

* Debt: The next big American crisis? (Chris Hansen, Newsweek)

* Stalled bill costs JCTC chance to expand (Tom Loftus, Courier-Journal)

* Fannie and Freddie join the bonus backlash (Loren Steffy, Houston Chronicle)

* Homeowner-Aid Plan Caught in Spat (Ruth Simon, Barron’s)

* Citigroup chairman: bankers being ‘vilified’ (Jaymes Song, Kansas City Star)

* Harold Brown weighs in on Fisher Hill proposal (Neal Simpson, Bolton Common)

* ‘LIENNY’ DYKSTRA (Chuck Bennett, New York Post)


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