Interesting Housing News Links (April 07, 2009)

* President has to bet on economy with the cards he’s been dealt (Thomas L. Friedman, Columbus Dispatch)

* Pa. man admits to defrauding Toms River church members of $1M (Margaret F. Bonafide, Asbury Park Press)

* Foreclosed homes draw crowd, but more investors than homeowners (Clay Barbour, McDowell News)

* Insight: The perils of public ownership (John Plender, The Financial Times)

* To Rent or Buy in 2009? (Sara Sutachan, California Real Estate)

* US should heed IMF’s toxic warning (Hugo Dixon, The Daily Telegraph)

* Obama’s big, bold experiment (Thomas L. Friedman, Akron Beacon Journal)

* Taking plastic from trash to useful fash (Karrah Anderson, Bradenton Herald)

* Predatory lenders become a federal priority (Oklahoman Graphics, Daily Oklahoman)

* Treasury seeks more partners for bad asset program (Christopher S. Rugaber, The Pantagraph)


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