Interesting Housing News Links (April 09, 2009)

* Providence crime down sharply in first quarter of 2009 (Gregory Smith, Providence Journal)

With metals thieves apparently losing interest in boarded-up, foreclosed houses, crime fell by 17 percent in the first quarter of 2009 compared to the same period in 2008.

* There are no bad loans (Bob Kieber, Summit Daily News)

Over the past few months we have all heard about all the bad loans that are now in foreclosure. Let me say that this is all a misrepresentation of the facts and there are no bad loans.

* What the Fed said — and meant (Jeannine Aversa, News & Observer)

“Members agreed that substantial additional purchases of longer-term assets eligible for open market operations would be appropriate. Such purchases would provide further monetary stimulus to help address the very weak economic outlook and reduce the risk that inflation could persist for a time below rates that best foster longer-term economic growth and price stability.”

* Palestine closes last storm shelter (Paul Stone, Palestine Herald-Press)

The final shelter in Anderson County closed down Saturday as local officials have now mostly shifted their Hurricane Ike efforts to administrative details and paperwork.

* FORECLOSURE MYTHS (Cynthia Sells, Summit Daily News)

Myth: I have not paid my mortgage in months and no one has contacted me. I think I can stay here forever and not pay anything

* CPD: Homeowner Catches Suspect In The Act, Shoots Him (Angie Hissong, WCMH)

Ohio Columbus police homicide detectives were called to Suncrest Drive late Friday night on a reported shooting.

* CITY OF LOCKPORT: Housing case awaits owner to charge (Joyce Miles, Union-Sun & Journal)

Assigning responsibility to someone anyone for the dilapidated state of 407 South St. continues to be a complicated matter.

* St. Charles County home values drop by about 7 percent (Mark Schlinkmann, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Most homeowners across St. Charles County will soon receive reassessment notices showing drops in their property’s value, with the total residential reduction countywide pegged at about 7 percent.

* Neighbors call fowl �??foul�?? (Kristen Inbody, Cody Enterprise)

After her husband died, Maryrose Redmond Maus, then 79, invited a woman to take care of her and share her house 15 miles west of Cody.

* Fort Casper sidewalk project costs less than expected (Christine Robinson, Star-Tribune)

project to rebuild streets, sewers and sidewalks in a west Casper neighborhood may cost significantly less than expected, according to the Casper city manager.


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