Interesting Housing News Links (April 20, 2009)

* Flood of earnings will test market’s 6-week run (Tim Paradis, Rocky Mountain News)

An intense week of earnings reports will tell whether Wall Street can extend its rally to a seventh week – or see its gains pop like a bubble.

* Living with less: A company of one (Adam Beam, The State)

With three kids, a mortgage and $9 in his bank account, Hinely had to get creative. In December when it was cold and the sun would set at 5 oclock Hinely stood on Hard Scrabble Road and hawked the peanuts he had boiled on his stove and in his neighbors turkey cooker.

* Tax deadline only a week away (Eileen Aj Connelly, Tulsa World)

Procrastinators, start your engines. Or at least, fire up your laptops. There’s just a few days to go before you must file your 2008 tax return.

* How old is too old to work? (Kathleen Doheny, KCAU)

April 10 (HealthDay News) — Debate about the ideal age to retire has been going on for years. But with the U.S. economy in a dramatic slump, the flip side of that question — how old is too old to work? — has become uppermost in many people’s minds.

* Making Home Affordable offers mortgage relief (Lura Romei, Plain Dealer)

If you’re confused by the new $75 billion mortgage loan modification program Congress just passed and that was signed by President Obama, you’re not alone.

* Extreme Cheapskates (Anne D’ Innocenzio, Waterbury Republican-American)

was already cheap,” said VanDeventer, a 36-year-old mortgage loan underwriter from Broomfield, Colo. “Now I am neurotic about it.”

* Moon: Shorter-term thinking has implications (David Moon, Knoxville News-Sentinel)

In April 2008, a Rasmussen survey found that 73 percent of Americans believed that global warming was at least a somewhat serious problem. In January 2009, only nine months later, they conducted the same poll, asked the same questions and used the same sampling techniques. The percentage had fallen to 64 percent.

* Legalized loan sharking (Bill Wilson, Wichita Eagle)

reader forwarded me an interesting link from last month in the Los Angeles Times on credit card interest rates, further reinforcing my long-held belief that taking out a credit card is my biggest life mistake.

* YRC, Teamsters discuss pension (Diane Stafford, Kansas City Star)

Worldwide is negotiating with the Teamsters union and its lending group about putting up real estate as collateral in place of monthly pension contributions.

* On the Menu: Mareks historic Collier House (Tom Williams, Marco Island Eagle)

In 1870, the W.T. Collier family arrived on Marco Island on their sailing schooner, the Robert E. Lee. They were looking for a place to begin a new life and after landing on Marco, W.T., his wife and nine children, built a home, started a business and began a family tradition. The Colliers were the first restaurateurs and innkeepers on Marco Island.


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