Interesting Housing News Links (April 23, 2009)

* False solutions and real problems (Thomas Sowell, Picayune Item)

Someone once said that Senator Hubert Humphrey, liberal icon of an earlier generation, had more solutions than there were problems.

* Man who died in TIA garage leap was boss of failed S&L (Josh Poltilove, WFLA)

Clearwater man who jumped to his death last week from the top floor of Tampa International Airport’s short-term parking garage was the former chairman of Silverado Banking Savings and Loan.

* Millais Gallery faces closure (Jon Reeve �, The Southern Daily Echo)

is named after Southamptons most famous artistic son, and has showcased some of the citys best new art.

* Manteo adjusts burial plot fees (Jessica Bowen, Outer Banks Sentinel)

After weeks of deliberation, the Manteo Board of Commissioners reached decisions on the cemetery fees and a text amendment to the cemetery ordinance.

* BofA’s profit rise, but so do worries (Christina Rexrode, Independent Tribune)

Bank of America said Monday it made more money in the first quarter than it did in all of 2008, blowing away analysts’ predictions and the profits of every other bank so far. But even that couldn’t please investors, who believe that more bad news is on the horizon. The bank’s shares fell through the day, plunging 24 percent.

* Gangs deeply rooted on U.S. side of Mexico border (Ed Stoddard, Reuters US)

Texas (Reuters) – Homeowner Cosme Liscano is fed up with the gangs in his neighborhood in this Texas town near the Mexican border.

* St. Joseph minister charged with cybersex crime (Meagan O’Donnell, The Smithville Herald)

Robert M. Black, 40, an Independence resident and a minister at New Home Baptist Church in St. Joseph, was taken into custody by the Clay County Sheriffs Office April 8 and charged with attempted statutory rape and the attempted enticement of a child younger than 15.

* Housing: Signs of Life (Christopher Palmeri, BusinessWeek)

Last year the Cape Coral area of Florida had the highest foreclosure rate in the country. Banks moved to seize more than 1 in 10 residential properties in the Gulf Coast community of 165,000. The reverberations are still being felt. Newly built McMansions sit vacant, dusty monuments to the great real estate boom. Smaller homes have been ransacked. Apartment buildings have been boarded up. Forme…

* Treasure Coast homeowners should be wary of mortgage modification scams (Nadia Vanderhoof, The Tribune)

In 2006, Mateo Avila signed loan papers for a $265,000 home in Port St. Lucie at the height of the housing boom.

* Tax Day Brings Out “Tea Party” Protesters (Brian Montopoli, CBS News)

Tax Day Brings Out “Tea Party” Protesters Protests Planned Across Country Against Government Taxation And Spending As Some Question Whether Movement Has Been Co-Opted


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