Interesting Housing News Links (April 27, 2009)

* You Decide: Is a big financial shift coming? (Dr. Mike Walden, Outer Banks Sentinel)

Every recession creates costs and losses. Jobs are cut, incomes are reduced, and stock values drop. But something more has happened during the present recession – something that many experts think will cause a major shift in our personal finances.

* Former Springfield hotel being remodeled for subsidized housing (Bernard Schoenburg, Marion Daily Republican)

The former All Star Inn in Springfield is being remodeled into 19 units of affordable housing for single adults.

* Realtors pick up hammers to mend homes in need of repair (David Perlmutt, News Herald)

In Charlotte’s Villa Heights community, volunteers will reshingle a roof that lets in rain for kitchen pots to catch in the living room.

* CityNorth case has cities rethinking grants (Rebekah L. Sanders, Arizona Republic)

Valley neighborhoods are facing a double blow to grant funding that they once used to combat blight, promote public safety and revitalize aging areas.

* Economic reports give mixed message (Tim Landis, Marion Daily Republican)

Mixed signals is a description heard from a variety of national economists this spring, but what about Springfield and the state of Illinois?

* Bold business owners get in position early for economic upswing (Dale Kasler, Sacramento Bee)

Some businesses are beginning to gear up for the next economic growth cycle. Here’s a quick glance:

* New fees, rules roil home-loan market (Kenneth Harney, San Francisco Chronicle)

Take Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s add-on fees for loans purchased after April 1. In some cases, applicants are being hit with extra fees of 3 percent to 5 percent because of the type of property they want to buy or refi, their credit scores, or the size of their down payment.

* Metro KC construction down in first quarter (Diane Stafford, Kansas City Star)

McGraw Hill Construction reported today that total building activity in the metropolitan area was down 36 percent through the first quarter of the year compared to the same period last year.

* Recovery programs offer treasure trove (Arleen Jacobius, Pensions & Investments)

Alternative investment managers are turning to Washington for some of their best portfolio opportunities.


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