Interesting Housing News Links (May 04, 2009)

* Pools become nasty mosquito havens in foreclosure (Janet Mc Connaughey, The Pantagraph)

Mosquito control workers can measure the recession by the number of green, cloudy swimming pools they see – algae-covered havens for mosquitoes dotting neighborhoods hit by the foreclosure crisis.

* Construction jobs disappearing (Alexander Coolidge, Crain’s Cleveland Business)

In the two years since the real estate bubble burst and sent the broader economy into recession, local construction jobs are disappearing at a faster rate than any other local job sector – surpassing manufacturing as the region’s most rapid job loser.

* Shots fired at Phoenix after-prom party (Megan Boehnke, Arizona Republic)

Police broke up an after-prom party in South Phoenix Sunday morning after receiving reports of gunshots being fired at the home.

* Monica Yant Kinney: Housing quest a hint of what’s to come (Monica Yant Kinney, Philadelphia Inquirer)

This is a story about Georgia Barnes, a 76-year-old blind woman of meager means with weeks to find a new home. It’s also about baby boomers whose housing problems may be yours before you know it.

* CRA Building Needs Redevelopment (Anna Scott, Downtown News)

It is a situation that smacks of irony: the Community Redevelopment Agency, the city entity charged with helping turn around Los Angeles blighted neighborhoods, finds itself headquartered in a building that it says is tumbling into disrepair. That puts the agency in a direct dispute with one of the citys largest landowners.

* Moon: Look out for economic sleight-of-hand (David Moon, Knoxville News-Sentinel)

When you watch a magician, don’t look where he wants you to look. If he’s holding a black wand in his right hand, watch his left hand down by his side. If he throws a tablecloth in the air, keep your eye on the bare table on the stage.

* The US economy gets better relatively (Dante Chinni, Christian Science Monitor)

There may actually be reason to believe things are getting better at least somewhat better. That is the main news from Patchwork Nations Economic Hardship Index for April.

* Food and Beverage 2009: A Year of Change (Meg Flynn, Retail Merchandiser)

Market research and analysis firm Packaged Facts gives food and beverage retailers the consumer and product information they need to succeed in 2009.

* Big-ticket items = extra credit (Lisa Curdy, Daily News)

Despite an economic downturn that has many Americans fearful of spending, now is a actually great time to dive into a big-ticket investment.


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