Interesting Housing News Links (May 07, 2009)

* Blackouts and Cascading Failures of the Global Markets (Jeffrey D. Sachs, Scientific American)

Editor’s Note: This is the extended version of the “Sustainable Developments” column from the January 2009 issue of Scientific American.

* Protesters disrupt foreclosure auctions in Sacramento (Jim Wasserman, Sacramento Bee)

Protesters disrupted several foreclosure auctions Tuesday on the Sacramento County Courthouse steps, winning a temporary cancellation of one and sending an unidentified auctioneer to the hospital with chest pains.

* Sympathetic Victims? (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note) (Gwen Moritz, Arkansas Business)

Our recent story about people who invested tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock peddled by Darrell Lainhart of Sherwood included several sympathetic victims: A woman who needs the $30,000 her husband invested because hes now in a nursing home with Alzheimers disease, a disabled veteran, a man who hoped to become a full-time missionary.

* Treasure Coast homes sales increase, but at lower prices (Paul Ivice, Jupiter Courier)

Realtor sales of existing homes in St. Lucie and Martin counties in March nearly mirrored statewide numbers, with a 27 percent increase in sales but a 30 percent drop in the median price compared with a year ago.

* Assessing the future of the Cal Neva Resort and Casino (Annie Flanzraich, N Lake Tahoe Bonanza)

Nev. Since the Cal Neva Resort, Spa and Casinos bidder-free, two-state auction earlier this month, more than 25 new interested investors have inquired about the hotel and casino, said Steve Sugarman, a spokesman for owner Canyon Capital Realty Advisors.

* April 1939 (Kayla Dowdy, WCLU)

Home Agent Given Hearty Welcome. A large delegation of leading farm women of Barren County gathered at the Court House in Glasgow Tuesday to meet Miss Frances Brock, the new Home Agent for Barren County. Miss Brock outlined the work that would be attempted and discussed details of the work of the Home Makers Clubs that will be organized over the County. Delegations asking for immediate organ…


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