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“Stress test” reportedly shows Wells Fargo needs more capital (Denver Post)

Here is today’s article from Denver Post.

Regulators have told Wells Fargo it may need to shore up its finances after government “stress tests” showed the bank would have trouble surviving a deeper recession.

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San Francisco Chronicle, Benny L. Kass: Walking away has big-time consequences

Here is today’s story from San Francisco Chronicle.

If I let the property go into foreclosure, can/will the bank that gave me the mortgage try to get at my other assets (equity in my home, stocks, etc.)?

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The Independent Online, Sean Farrell: Bad debts rise threefold at Northern Rock

A great article by Sean Farrell of The Independent Online.

Northern Rock’s bad debts jumped almost threefold last year as the slowing economy took its toll on the nationalised bank’s controversial Together loans.

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Josephine Cumbo: Northern Rock ‘red herring’ stalls payouts

Josephine Cumbo raises many interesting points about Taxpayer-owned.

Northern Rock, the taxpayer-owned bank, has been accused of stalling on payouts to customers missold payment protection insurance (PPI).

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Reuters America: Effor.com: Financial plan wont include bad bank

Posted at Reuters America today:

According to a report on Reuters , the new TARP 2.0? bailout package wont include a provision for a bad bank.

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UK interest rates cut to new low of 1pc (Telegraph)

A short story by Angela Monaghan at Telegraph.

Explaining its decision the Bank said “the global economy is in the throes of a severe and synchronised downturn”. It said the UK was facing a similar rate of decline in the early part of this year as it faced in the fourth quarter of 2008, when the economy shrank by 1.5pc.

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